Saturday, 10 August 2013

Face time...

Let's begin by getting one thing straight - I am not a make-up junkie. I would love to be the girl with the latest foundation and the make-up that's so good you can hardly tell it's there but in all honesty my day-to-day beauty regime hasn't swayed much since I first started experimenting with eyeliner in year 9 at highschool.
I would actually go as far as saying that venturing into new territories of foundation gives me 'the fear'. There's so much choice and so many varying reviews that I always just go for something cheap and cheerful - at least that way if I break out in spots I won't have the double blow of wasted money and bad skin. 
Amongst the delights of an ASOS delivery I discovered a sample size bottle of Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer. 
Having toyed with the idea of using primer for a while it was the perfect chance to try before I buy.
After my first time using it I was hooked, it made my skin smoother, my make-up lasted all day and you only really need to use the smallest amount to cover your face.
To avoid a mad panic when my tester ran out I grabbed my laptop and ordered a bottle online.
At £25 for a smallish bottle it might not seem worth it but I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Who knows, after venturing into the realms of primer I may even splash out on some new foundation...

Another recent beauty-related buy was Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint. In my morning rush to get ready for work I slipped on my gladiator sandles before deciding my toes were in too much of a state to wear them, chipped red nail varnish just wasn't working for me and as I foolishly forgot to bring any nail varnish to Manchester I decided it was time to make some emergency purchases.
I've always been a fan of Barry M nail varnishes, they do a good mix of colours and they're not too pricey. As an added bonus they're currently on offer in Boots so I bought the one shown below and another called 'Mushroom' (nicer than it sounds). After trying it out on my fingers and toes I'm not too sure how different I think this 'Gelly Hi-Shine' range is, it just seemed a bit thicker than the normal stuff and had a slightly different texture. Nevertheless I love the colour ('Satsuma'), it's a bit brighter than it looks on the photos - the perfect summer coral!