Saturday, 31 August 2013


On Wednesday I finally made the move into my new house in West Didsbury,
I'm still not fully unpacked and I'm feeling a trip to Ikea is definitely in order but it's all slowly coming together.
Packing and unpacking all my worldly belongings has only made me realise how much denim I own.
Shorts, shirts, dungarees and jeans in every size, shape and shade of blue.
I will hold my hands up and admit that it's getting excessive - do I really need 3 pairs of jeans in the same fit and colour?
When it comes to denim I can never resist. In my opinion it's the mother of the fashion world; denim's reliable, you can fall back on it and everybody owns at least one item made from the trusty material.
For now I've convinced myself that it's not going out of fashion anytime soon so I think my ever-growing collection is here to stay...