Sunday, 4 August 2013

My week in pictures...




 Another Monday morning is looming! The past week has been a bit of a blur, two of my friends from uni came to Manchester on Tuesday so I met them after work and we headed to Gourmet Burger Kitchen, we had some voucher codes to get 2 burgers for £10 so ended up getting a burger each and one extra to share between us! It was too good to resist and their sweet potato fries are heavenly. 
This weekend I've been at home, I took my Michael Kors watch for its first outing after keeping it in its box for a week! My 21st was in January but I couldn't find anything I wanted at the time so ended up having the watch as a very late birthday present off my parents. I also caved in and bought the Topshop Marple shoes I'd been after, it was definitely a good choice as they haven't left my feet since!
Saturday was spent having a pub lunch in the sunshine and heading out for drinks with a friend and Sunday was equally as leisurely -spent drinking tea, reading magazines, eating a Sunday roast and drinking Pimms before getting the train back to Manchester.

Now time to catch up on Suits!
S x.

P.S. If you've not tried Yoo Moo frozen yoghurt before then I suggest you change that pretty quickly! I promise you won't be disappointed.