Thursday, 16 January 2014


I am officially 22!
At my work we're lucky enough to have our Birthday's off so I'm currently lying in bed with a cup of tea.
Before I head into Manchester for a day of shopping I thought I'd do a quick post on Saturday's Swap Shop at ASOS HQ (mentioned below).

Everytime I go to an Access All ASOS event I think I fall more in love with their offices - their loos even have an emergency beauty box in for those bad hair days.
Saturday was all about taking some of your pre-loved clothes and swapping them with someone elses. 
Just to make picking what to swap for even harder, the team at ASOS contributed a selection of items from their collections onto the Swap Shop rails.

There was one rule: no Insiders were allowed to recreate the wedding shop scene from Friends.

We ate: Breakfast was a mix of mini pastries and jam jars filled with yoghurt and granola, followed by a lunch of wraps, mozarella and cherry tomato skewers, mini tarts and satay chicken sticks.

We drank: Elderflower fizz, mint infused water and white wine.

We listened to: We were fortunate enough to have three talks throughout the day - from ASOS' Katie Oldham, Amy He who runs Mod Dolly and House of Jam's Steve. I left feeling like a specialist on all things ASOS Market Place related.

We swapped: My inner denim addict was out in full force and I was lucky enough to come home with a pair of ASOS dungarees (see them here), a new denim shirt and a pair of geek chic glasses.

Another great day, thanks ASOS!