Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year, New Me... (Right?!)

January is a month that people tend not to enjoy. We've just spent December losing ourselves in the flurry of Christmas only to be left on New Years Day with purses a few pounds lighter, bodies a few pounds heavier and not a lot to look forward to. 
Nevertheless, we decide it's time to set ourselves up for a fall by coming up with some outlandish new years resolutions that we're realistically never going to stick to.
I'd only been back at work one day to hear of people giving up all the finer things in life (a month without alcohol?!).

Thanks to my FOMO (fear of missing out) I've come up with a few New Year Resolutions that I'd like to think I can just about achieve...

1. Watch more live music
When I was younger I'd be a regular at local gigs. During highschool I saw an array of musicians from Jamie T to Jay Z but turning 18 meant that I could now go to 'proper' clubs rather than hanging around at gigs for anyone over the age of 14, and as a result my love for watching live music has taken a back seat. I love festivals and got around to seeing a few DJs last year but plan to up the ante in 2014, whilst living in Manchester I have no excuse not to.

2. Read books
I spend on average an hour or so of my day travelling on public transport and even more aimlessly browsing on the internet. 
As an English Literature student I constantly had an extensive reading list to tick off and was therefore using any spare second I had to fit in a couple more pages of whichever book we were studying. 
Since my uni days I'm ashamed to say that I've not read a single page of a novel and have found myself instead filling my time with instagram browsing and trashy magazines.
This year that changes.

3. Be healthy
I think this is a mandatory resolution. The only exercise I currently do is walking the 2 minute journey from my house to the tram every morning. Purely to increase my fitness levels and to encourage some of those happy endorphins I'm planning on getting a teeny bit more active. 

4. Travel
This is less of a resolution and more a case of wishful thinking. I have always loved travelling and after interrailing around Italy and backpacking across Thailand I've got the bug to do more. 
The top of my list is Berlin and as soon as my friends and I can get ourselves organised that's hopefully where we'll be headed.

5. Call people
I am notorious for not answering my phone. Sometimes I'm busy, sometimes it's on silent and sometimes the thought of speaking on the phone just makes me that little bit anxious. I've never liked the way that you can't see when the other person is going to speak which results in interruptions and overlaps. It's time to get over it, there's no better way to catch up with friends and family than a good natter on the phone.

I've failed it twice already, I've had it cancelled 3 times thanks to weather conditions and have been unable to do it once due to a flat tyre. 
Someone up above doesn't seem to want me to drive but I'm not giving up. 

7. Make more of the week
After a long day at work the thought of getting home and getting into bed is all that's on my mind. However, I've found that I always feel a lot better when I do something a bit more productive with my time. Trips to the cinema, a pub quiz or a drink with friends... After all, you can sleep when you're dead.

8. Stay in touch
I graduated in July 2013 and made the move from Lancaster to Manchester after growing up in Stoke-On-Trent. Despite having new friends, old friends and some inbetween I've so far managed to stay in touch with those that truly matter. However, despite best intentions when you don't live near eachother it's extremely easy to go for a long time without speaking to your closest friends before realising you no longer know what they're upto. My New Years Resolution is to maintain my long distance friendships. From train journeys to phonecalls, it's 100% worth it.
I plan to keep my friends until I'm a ripe old age...

9. Keep learning
After years and years of education it's become very easy to switch off. As I'm no longer required to read novels on a weekly basis, research for projects or write essays I seem to have become what can only be described as plain lazy.
Whether I begin with reading more newspapers (not just the fashion inserts and the Daily Mail website), or taking a trip to an exhibition, I am determined to get a bit more cultured.

10. Find a man a little bit like this...
You can't hate a girl for wishing.
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