Monday, 13 January 2014

Swap Shop

As I've probably mentioned on more than one occasion, a few months ago I was accepted to be an Access All ASOS Insider (apply here). 
If you've been thinking of applying but haven't quite had the time then all I'm going to say is DO IT. I've been to two of their events so far and they've both been ridiculously good. 

Their first event of 2014 took place on Saturday, so without question I hopped onto the train down to London for their 'Swap Shop'. 
We basically had to take 1-3 items of our pre-loved clothing ready to swap with other insiders - I'm going to do a bit more of a detailed post on the day later in the week but couldn't resist sharing my swaps!
I was lucky enough to get my hands on this amazing pair of ASOS dungarees and was even happier when I got home to find they were the perfect fit.
You can find them here, I promise it'll be a purchase you won't regret.